An Honest Mistake – This Hari Raya Rocks!

In the beginning of August, we were asked to go on national TV to share how we spent/celebrated Hari Raya. We were told to do a cover of a traditional Hari Raya song but instead we wanted to spice things up and bring a fresh new sound to the festive season.

Having met Diana Danielle, the hottest actress in Malaysia at the moment at a charity run, things sparked off and came the perfect opportunity for us to record a song together. We had a demo done, sent it over to Diana, rehearsed with her and off to the studio we went.

It was not an easy task to write because it was our first attempt at writing a track in our national language, Bahasa Malaysia. It all happened in one night; the melodies rang, the lyrics flowed, rehearsed and went into the studio.

Here’s the end product!

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